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Tyler Personal Injury Attorney

With the Barat Firm, you are never alone.

Barat Law Firm is a Tyler personal injury law firm with offices in downtown Tyler. If you have been injured and would like to speak with our Tyler Personal injury lawyer, you can contact us anytime for a free initial consultation.

tyler personal injury attorney

Strong and Compassionate Tyler Personal Injury Attorneys

At The Barat Firm, we do everything possible to help our clients. We have the skill, reputation, and resources needed to take on the insurance companies and defense lawyers. Our experienced Tyler personal injury lawyers provide committed and aggressive legal representation. We help our clients with everything from finding the best local doctors and experts to making informed decisions about settling or taking their cases to trial. Every step of the way, we fight for our clients in the courtroom, while also providing each client personalized and case-specific advice and counsel for how to deal with the emotional stress of insurance claims and litigation.

You Deserve Just Compensation

Have you been injured in Tyler or East Texas? If so, you are not alone. From car accidents, to truck accidents, to commercial vehicle accidents, to worksite injuries, to wrongful death and survival claims, and to all other forms of negligence and gross negligence, we routinely hear from Smith County residents and East Texans who have suffered severe traumatic injuries.

If you have been injured in East Texas and someone else is to blame, you deserve just compensation. At the The Barat Firm, we have successfully represented many people just like you. We have the skill and experience necessary to navigate insurance claims, develop trial strategies, maximize the value of their claims. Some cases may involve injuries like soft tissue neck and back pain, bruises, or other aches and pains. Other cases may be more serious, involving serious and catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, lost limbs, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. No matter the nature of the harm done, we at The Barat Firm take each client’s claims very seriously.

In addition, we provide compassionate, full-service legal representation focused on helping our clients recover as quickly as possible.

Choosing the proper representation for help as an accident victim is essential. The insurance companies sometimes seek to evade responsibility on behalf of themselves or the negligent drivers they insure, and not all doctors are able or willing to treat accident victims, especially if they do not have health insurance. If you have been severely injured, you could be facing serious injuries substantial medical bills. Therefore, you need to work with a team of professionals committed to ensuring your complete recovery. We can help you navigate this trying time so that you can get your life back.