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Divorce Lawyer in Tyler, Texas, and serving all of East Texas

Whether your case is simple or complex, a divorce can be emotional and exhausting. During this challenging time, you need someone you can trust, someone who is in your corner. The experienced legal counselors at the Barat Law Firm will guide you and your family and help shield you from opponents. We want to help you understand your options, navigate the process, and resolve your case fairly and amicably. Divorce puts you in a vulnerable place, but we’re here to be your fiercest advocate. Our experienced attorneys will fight for your family while treating you with compassion, listening to your needs, answering questions, and providing expert legal representation tailored to your unique situation.

Divorce for Women

The Barat Law Firm represents women in divorce and family law disputes of all sorts. Divorce can be one of the most painful life events you will endure. We understand what you are facing and know how to guide you with experience and compassion. We are here to help – You are never alone.

Experienced, Knowledgeable & Strategic Divorce Lawyers for Women by Women

Women initiate over 65% of divorce filings. Women initiate approximately 90% of filings among college-educated couples. Today, women are more likely to have careers, be more financially independent, and are less likely to remain in a bad marriage than ever before. It may also be true that women are less tolerant of infidelity because they see themselves as equal partner in the relationship. We are women helping women. We understand how hard divorce in Tyler can be, and we want to fight for your rights.

Divorce for Women in Tyler, Texas, is a journey.

We are a law firm of strong women who work as a team with one goal in mind – we want you to feel safe and restore your power in this world. We respect your privacy and share your ambition to take care of yourself and your family. It would be our privilege to help you during this most difficult of times, no matter what type of Family law in Tyler you require.

What do I do if I need to get divorced?

Call us today. The sooner you get quality legal advice, the safer you and your family will be. When you own property, have children, or think spousal support may be an issue, you should contact us to learn your options and possible outcomes.

Divorce for Men – Men’s Divorce representation in Tyler, TX

When it comes to divorce, you must know your rights and have a plan to protect them. Barat Law Firm has the experienced Attorneys you will need to form the best strategy to defend yourself and your future. We will assess your situation, give you straight answers, and fiercely advocate on your behalf.

Men’s Divorce Strategy where Privacy is most important

Through skilled negotiation, marriage dissolutions, divorce, and family law matters can often be settled without litigation. We understand when you do not want your business spread all over town, and we know how to minimize your exposure. Our experienced team will work to provide you with options for resolving your family law disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

However, when necessary, we are ready to fight aggressively for your rights in court.

When significant assets are at stake in a Divorce for Men in Tyler, Tx, we can ensure your property or investments are protected in every way possible within the law.

Often, in a divorce, men are called upon to take custody of their children to protect them and provide for their well-being. We know how difficult this can be for a single dad and can help with counseling strategies to make the process as easy as possible. It would be our privilege at Barat Law Firm to be your guide during these difficult times. Please call to set up an appointment to speak to our experienced staff. We want to be on your team.

I’ve been served with divorce paperwork by my spouse. What do I do now?

First, read the paperwork that you have been served. Then, remain calm – we know these moments often come as a shock. You may be surprised about the things your spouse is asking for. Next, contact an attorney, so you can get advice on how to proceed. Do not hesitate, or they may get everything they asked for. In some states, you have less than thirty days to file a response document. Call us, and we can do all that for you.