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Child Custody Lawyer in Tyler, Texas

Our experienced child custody lawyers will guide you and work with you so that you can focus on what is best for your children. Divorce is a horrible, stressful experience for families. We will take all the time we need to understand the complicated dynamics involved in your unique situation. We know that legitimate reasons for taking a child custody case to trial can arise. When this is necessary, rest assured that we can aggressively represent you. We will fight for you and your children at every step.

Child Custody, Child Support, and Child Visitation Lawyers in Tyler

Barat Law Firm is Advocating For What is Best For Children During Divorce

Child custody arrangements can be very messy and difficult to navigate. Sometimes they are highly contested battles. We fight for you and your family no matter how difficult the case. Custody plans in your children’s best interest are our guiding light. It is always best to settle child custody cases quickly but only if your family understands and agrees with the outcome. 

The Barat Law Firm has a proven record of protecting the rights of both mothers and fathers in custody matters.

What’s the difference between physical and legal custody of children?

Legal custody means the parent has the right to make decisions about legal matters concerning the children, for instance:

  • Where they go to school
  • Who their doctor is
  • When and whether they get their ears pierced
  • Tattoos
  • Gender Assignment
  • Counseling or tudors

Physical custody means where the child spends the most time. Remember, courts will not order joint legal custody unless the parents agree.

We advocate for parents so they can take care of their children

We have years of experience helping families understand the law’s complexities surrounding child custody and child support. In addition, the Barat Law Firm provides counsel and guidance for your family. We can help with:

  • Legal issues regarding custody and support
  • Grandparents who need custody assistance
  • We know how the courts decide best interests of the child
  • Conflict resolution strategy and management within the family
  • Parenting time conflicts and work location issues
  • Concerns you may have regarding the other parent or the safety of your children